Orere Primary School - With Knowledge We Grow

At Orere Point we believe we have an incredibly beautiful and unique environment. We have tried to shape our school values around this, leading to strong family and community ties.  As Board of Trustees members, we are fiercely proud of the work that our school staff and community have done in building and bettering our authentic, rural school.
Our role is governance.  We are guided by the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) set by the Ministry of education.  We endeavour to provide the environment and resources so that our school, staff, and pupils, can be the best they can be.
Orere School Board of Trustees
Jared McKay - Chairperson
Kerry Forse  - Principal
Rebekah Tossell - Treasurer
Andrea Keast - Secretary/Staff Rep
Claire Jenkins 
Andrea Couldrey 
Lisa Pye 

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