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Maori Pattern for Orere School

The Maori pattern at the bottom of our website represents the significance of local communities, parents and whanau which contribute to all aspects of the Orere School learning environment and the tamariki that attend.  The Maori pattern embodies predominant features that surround Orere, which underpins the importance of how children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people and places.
The red top koru's identify the Hunua ranges which surround the school.
The middle red koru represents the starting point of Orere stream, which runs through the school environment, providing the tamariki with natural clean water to explore and swim in.
The top black koru represents Orere School and signifies new beginnings for the tamariki that start the school.  It highlights their holistic journey they will experience and discover through being provided with rich learning opportunities in a rural school environment.  The koru runs straight to the water representing the school, teachers, parents, whanau and communities guiding and supporting the tamariki to the education they will endeavour within the future.
The two, black side koru's represent the two communities that the tamariki live in and travel to and from school every day.  Kawakawa Bay and Orere Point communities play a huge role in providing the school with tamariki and bringing with them knowledge, skills, abilities and culture that contribute towards the schools character and vibrant environment.
The green koru's represent the beach that is predominately situated in both communities, Orere Beach and Kawakawa Bay Beach.  It signifies the importance of the rural seaside lifestyle the tamariki, parents, whanau and communities live in and experience daily.
All koru's merge into one, therefore binding all people together with connections to the school.  This Maori pattern highlights the importance of our tamariki holistic education, reciprocal partnerships with parents and  whanau, whilst acknowledging the significance of tamariki, parents, whanau and the communities' contribution to the school and the holistic development of the children.


He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!
What is the greatest thing on Earth?  "is people!, is people!, is people!"
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